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Thursday 17 October 2019

This Autumn, New London Chamber Choir presents Juvenilia, a major new NLCC commission from Laurence Osborn.

​CLF Art Café, Block A, Bussey Building, 133 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

Juvenilia examines languages and codes that children use and hear. An anthology of pieces for different combinations of voices, Juvenilia combines a variety of texts: nursery rhymes, tongue-twisters, the poetry of Blake, the theatre of George Peele, traditional folk songs, texts in ‘pig latin’ and ‘uvaguv’, and numerous chants, games and insults remembered from the composer’s childhood.

The musical language of Juvenilia is defined by a constant state of play: the collection transitions abruptly and freely between styles and moods; singers break role to impersonate characters, animals, and instruments. The listener should feel as though they are watching someone rummaging frantically through an enormous dressing-up box. ​

The first performance of Juvenilia is presented alongside other contemporary choral scores that explore communication, language, relationships, and power.

Tickets £15 on the door or from Eventbrite.

Full Programme

Laurence Osborn: Juvenilia (wp)
Ted Hearne: Consent
David Fennessy: Letter to Michael
Per Nørgård: Wie ein Kind
Ruth Crawford Seeger: Three Chants for Women’s Voices