“The choir at once impresses by the vividness with which it treats words and by its intelligent verbal phrasing… it commands a wide dynamic range, thrilling at climaxes… with perceptive tonal nuances.”
(Gramophone, about Poulenc CD)

cdbergman Erik Bergman – Choral works
Bim Bam Bum
Hathor Suite

New London Chamber Choir
Endymion Ensemble
Penelope Walmsley-Clark – soprano
Stephen Varcoe – bass
John Potter – tenor
James Wood – conductor
Chandos ABTD 1189
cdboulanger Lili Boulanger – Works for chamber choir
Clairières dans le ciel
Les sirènes
Hymne au soleil
Pour les funérailles d’un soldat
Soir sur la plaine

New London Chamber Choir
Andrew Ball – piano
Amanda Pitt – soprano
Jeanette Ager – mezzo-soprano
Martyn Hill – tenor
James Wood – conductor
Hyperion CDA 66726
cdcrawford Ruth Crawford Seeger – Portrait Ruth Crawford Seeger
Music for Small Orchestra
Three Chants for Women’s Chorus*
Piano Study in Mixed Accents
Three Songs
String Quartet
2 Ricercare
Andante for Strings
Rissolty Rossolty

Charles Seeger
John Hardy
Schönberg Ensemble
Lucy Shelton – soprano
Oliver Knussen – conductor*
New London Chamber Choir
Amanda Pitt – soprano
Jeanette Ager – mezzo soprano
James Wood – conductor
Deutsche Grammophon 449 925-2
This recording appears no longer to be in DG’s catalogue, and may therefore unfortunately only be available used or remaindered.
cddallapiccola Luigi Dallapiccola – Choral works
Canti di Prigionia †
Cinque Frammenti di Saffo †
Due Liriche di Anacreonte †
Sex Carmina Alcaei †
Tempus Destruendi – Tempus Aedificandi *
Due Cori di Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane*

New London Chamber Choir
Ensemble Intercontemporain
Julie Moffatt – soprano
Nicola Jansen – choir soprano soloist
Lora Sansun – choir mezzo soprano soloist*
James Wood – conductor
† Hans Zender – conductor
Erato 4509-98509-2
cddenyer Frank Denyer – A monkey’s paw
Stalks ‡¥
After the rain ‡¥
A fragile thread
A monkey’s paw *†
Winged play ¥

Members of New London Chamber Choir *
Yoshikazu Iwamoto – shakuhachi ¥
James Wood – conductor †
Frank Denyer – conductor ‡
Continuum CCD 1026
cdjanacek Leos Janácek – Choral musicRíkadla (Nursery Rhymes)
Kaspar Rucky *
Sedmdesát tisíc (The 70,000) †
Vlcí stopa (The Wolf’s Trail) *
Elegie na smrt dcery Olgy (Elegy on the death of my daughter Olga) ‡
Hradcanské písnicky (Songs of Hradcany) *
Ave Maria
Otcenás (Our Father) ‡

New London Chamber Choir
Critical Band
Amanda Pitt – soprano *
Jamie McDougal – tenor ‡
Daniel Norman – tenor †
James Wood – conductor
Hyperion CDA66893
“An idiomatic and lively record…. James Wood draws excellent performances from his extremely varied forces.”
(Gramophone – May ’97)
Branko Lazarin CD Branko Lazarin – selected works
Tri Stavka
From My Diary
Divici Mariji  / To the Virgin Mary *
Tri Eseja / Three Essays
Gudački Kvartet / String Quartet

New London Chamber Choir*
James Wood – conductor*
Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra
Miro Belamarić – conductor
Tomislav Žužak – alto saxophone
Zagreb Saxophone Quartet
Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Wind Orchestra
Dragan Sremec – conductor
Porin String Quartet
Cantus 98898496092
cdpoulenc Francis Poulenc – Complete secular choral works
Un soir de neige
Chansons françaises
Sept chansons
Chanson à boire
Petites voix
Figure humaine

New London Chamber Choir
James Wood – conductor
Hyperion CDA66798
cddelarue Music by Pierre de la Rue and Josquin des Prez
Pierre de la Rue
Missa pro defunctis
Josquin des Prez
Mass – Hercules Dux Ferrariae
La Deploration de Johannes Ockeghem, “Nymphes des bois”

New London Chamber Choir
James Wood – conductor
Amon Ra CD-SAR 24
cdscelsi Giacinto Scelsi – Complete choral works
Three Latin Prayers
Sauh III & IV
Tre Canti Popolari
Tre Canti Sacri

New London Chamber Choir
Percussive Rotterdam
James Wood – conductor
Accord-Una Corda 4654012
Una Corda originally released this recording under catalogue number 206812. This number has been deleted and is likely only to be available used or remaindered.
Roberto Sierra Roberto Sierra – Cantos Populares (VRAS Productions CD-87-001)
cdstravreq Stravinsky – The Flood and Requiem Canticles
The Flood *
Abraham and Isaac †
Requiem Canticles ‡

Charles Wuorinen
A Reliquary for Igor Stravinsky
New London Chamber Choir *‡
London Sinfonietta
Lucy Shelton – soprano *
Susan Bickley – contralto ‡
Peter Hall – tenor *
Bernard Jacobson – baritone *
David Wilson-Johnson – baritone *†‡
Stephen Richardson – bass *
Michael Berkeley – narrator *
Oliver Knussen – conductor
James Wood – choral director
Deutsche Grammophon 447 068-2
cdstravnoces Stravinsky – Les Noces and other choral works
Les Noces *
Four Russian Peasant Songs (both versions) *
Bogoroditse dyevo, Otche nash, Vyeruyu †
Tres sacrae cantiones *
The dove descending breaks the air *
Introitus: T S Eliot in memoriam *

Traditional Five bridal folksongs from the Voronezh district †
New London Chamber Choir
Chamber Choir of the Institute of the Arts, Voronezh, Russia
* James Wood – conductor
† Oleg Shepel – conductor
Hyperion CDA 66410
In September 2000 this recording was chosen by Iain Burnside on BBC Radio 3’s “Building a Library” as the one which best combines the earthly with the spiritual in Stravinsky’s most Russian Ballet.”James Wood’s New London Chamber Choir – a crack team at all things 20th century – joins forces with a Russian chamber choir from Voronezh. The combination is terrific. They sing like they own the music.”
Michel Tabachnik Michel Tabachnik – Le Pacte des Onze (with Ensemble Intercontemporain – Grammont CTS-P26-2)
Trandafilovski CD front Mihailo Trandafilovski – Five
Magnets, Lava, Crystals
Ripple Effect
Chetiri *

New London Chamber Choir *
Aidan Oliver – conductor *
Kreutzer Quartet
Neil and Eve Heyde
Roger Heaton
Roderick ChadwickInnova 914
cdwoodincant James Wood – Incantamenta
Choroi kai Thaliai (Revels and Dances) *†‡
Ho shang Yao (Songs by the River) †‡
Rogosanti ‡
Incantamenta (Incantations) *

New London Chamber Choir *
Sara Stowe – soprano †
James Wood – percussion ‡
James Wood – conductor
Continuum CCD 1037
cdwoodphain James Wood – Phainomena
Two men meet, each presuming the other to be from a distant planet †
Phainomena *
Venancio Mbande talking with the trees ‡

New London Chamber Choir *
Critical Band
Steven Schick – percussion †
Kuniko Kato – marimba ‡
James Wood – conductor
NMC D044
cdxenakis Iannis Xenakis – Choral Music
Medea Senecae
(Commissioned by the Almeida Festival for James Wood and the New London Chamber Choir. Dedicated to Marc Dondey and James Wood.)
A Colone

New London Chamber Choir
Critical Band
James Wood – conductor
Hyperion CDA 66980
“At last year’s [1997] Bath Festival, James Wood’s New London Chamber Choir gave a quite brilliant concert that was the high point of a weekend devoted to the music of Iannis Xenakis. Now here comes the recording, and it serves the composer’s craggy, architectural music just as well. The programme is neatly framed by declamatory works based on classical models. Medea (1967) radiates a wonderful, violent primitivism, the singers clashing pebbles together, the instruments contributing wails, howls, and ominous thuds. There are gestural extremes in the agonised Nuits (1967), a piece reflecting the torments of Greece under the junta. There’s also the incandescent Serment (1981), which celebrates (and sets) the Hippocratic Oath, and the affecting wordless lament of Knephas (Darkness) of 1990. Everything is delivered with staggering virtuosity by these astonishing amateur singers under the conductor James Wood, and the instrumentalists of Critical Band are just as impressive. A likely disc of the year.” – Stephen Pettitt, Sunday Times
cdbrightestheaven Flemish Polyphony of the High Renaissance
Regis O admirabile commercium
Obrecht Factor orbis, Salve crux
Josquin Preter rerum seriem
Brumel Nato canunt omnia
Busnois In hydraulis, Anthoni usque limina
Dufay Ave regina celorum
New London Chamber Choir
James Wood – conductor
Amon Ra CD-SAR 56